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Evolution of Aids

In the case of HIV, the evolution can be very different. The same goes to say to the progression of AIDS. After days or months of being infected with HIV, you may see a sharp HIV disease : Symptoms are similar in part to those of influenza infection, ie those of a cold joint. Thereafter, there is a period of years and even decades without sintomatías. As stated AIDS appear characteristic symptoms, such as weight loss ,infectious diseases severe and certain forms of cancer .
The prognosis of HIV infection and AIDS has greatly improved in recent years thanks to the development of new drugs. However, there are factors that worsen the prognosis, as a load high viral (amount of HIV in the blood) and have little helper T cells in the blood . But although AIDS remains today an incurable disease, the number of fatalities as a result of HIV infection is much lower than some years ago.This is especially true in industrialized countries since patients here have modern medicines available. By contrast, in many other poor countries, assisting patients infected with HIV and AIDS is considerably worse.