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HIV infection and AIDS diagnosis

Early diagnosis is crucial in the subsequent evolution of HIV disease and AIDS. The successful treatment of HIV or AIDS depends on when it starts, so as there is suspicion of an infection should be performed HIV test . This proof ofantibodies against HIV is offered by regional health delegations anonymously and free.

In popular parlance, mistakenly called AIDS test. Actually, the test only the HIV virus, AIDS no. A negative test result with high probability exclude HIV infection. In rare cases, it can also be positive in people without HIV infection. So if is positive provided an even more accurate second test is performed.
People who are positive for HIV testing should be put directly into the hands of the doctor for specialized care. Today, any large city has specialized consultations in HIV devoted almost exclusively to the treatment of HIV and AIDS.

There are several blood tests that can identify antibodies of the virus or virus. In addition, the doctor may also collect the amount of virus contained in the blood through a blood test.This value is also called viral load. This viral load by the number of helper T cells, is an important value that allows the physician to assess the evolution of HIV infection or AIDS.

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