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Dear Visitor, We, at Dr Rainas Safe Hands treat HIV from any stage HIV is a disease which cannot be cured at all,but we can start early treatment for HIV
which will give better survival chances to the patient and we can prevent him of getting secondary infections including TB,Hepatitis A,B or any more diseases When the patient is HIV infected it is the immune system which goes weak and the patient falls very sick,so it is important to start early treatment in HIV.
We believe that in order to secure a patient’s trust and faith on us and to maintain it, it is essential that a patient should know what drugs he is taking.We, at Safe Hands, use drugs which are to be purchased from the chemist. We do not misuse hormones and sex stimulants. We do complete diagnosis of the problem on the basis of pathological tests, ultrasounds, HIV counselling, clinical evaluation, history of patients disease, history of other diseases if any including diabetes blood pressure thyroid etc.